What Are Square Glass Jars Good For?

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Square glass jars, what are they good for? Absolutely something! In fact, many things. Square glass jars aren’t your everyday jam jar – or are they? In this blog piece, we will think twice about the function of the square glass jar and whether you could be making better use of it.

Mustard and chutneys are commonplace inside square glass jars as round jars usually win first place in the coveted container hotlist for where to store your jam. But the preserving capabilities of square glass jars are just as advanced due to the metal twist-off lids having integral acid and vinegar proof qualities to rival the round jam jar.

Dry food is stored particularly well inside the square shaped glass jar, such as sweets and spices, as square signifies practicality thanks to the way our brains pairs shapes with their expected associations. Gold, silver and black lids are available with our square glass jars for a classy appeal and as always, you can choose from a range of sizes.

Following on from their unexpected purposes, we think the sharp edges pertain well to storing spare change as it signifies a boundary – the idea of your money not being infinite and as such, you will be motivated to keep adding to your ‘rainy day’ pot to see the pay-off once it’s all filled up.

Our square food jar is the largest in a range of 3 with heavyweight properties and a red spotty lids that give it that classic food jar look. The twist-off lid is also vinegar proof so you can choose between pouring your jams inside for an aesthetic surprise or making use of household objects by keeping them in attractive glass jars.

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