Are Decorative Glass Jars Useful?

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What is the definition of a decorative glass jar? Glass jars are by definition aesthetic. When compared with plastic, their aesthetic appeal is not in question given how chic a glass jar looks in all its formations: round, hexagonal, square etc. We like to give you ideas for how best you can utilise decorative glass jars in the home, your place of work or your business, whether you run an Etsy shop or you have a long-standing business.

Make Your Own Terrarium

Plants are trendy. Indoor houseplants have risen in popularity amongst the millennial and generation z clans as social media has popularised the idea of plants replacing pets due to the restrictions of renting and how prevalent this living style has become. As such, among the bookshelves fraught with spider plants and vases of roses, homemade terrariums have gained a new social standing. As long as you choose the appropriate plant with the help of Google, you can create your own mini plant world inside a glass jar such as a sizable preserving jar. Pebbles, shells and other adornments can be added to these decorative glass jars that resemble a fishbowl to create a little world on top of your coffee table.

Our small, medium or large club jars are perfect for a terrarium due to their width and stunning design.

In The Bathroom

If you are a creative type and have paint to hand, decorative glass jars can work particularly well in the bathroom as cosmetic and hygiene products keep well in glass jars in comparison to plastic containers. Liquids stay cooler for longer, plus you can make your bathroom unique in design by not littering plastic containers everywhere when decorative glass jars can be used for soap one month, and bubble bash afterwards. Any room in the house looks good with decorative glass jars, but if your bathroom has a theme or colour scheme, any of our glass jars provide a great canvas to paint on. 

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