Cosmetic Bottles & Jars

Our selection of glass cosmetic jars and bottles are the ideal choice for use in pharmaceutical, laboratory and cosmetic environments.

Robust yet chic, the aesthetic appeal is as preserved as the products inside our vast collection of cosmetic glass jars and bottles. Our amber glass jars and bottles are perfect for light sensitive products and the clear glass jars and bottles showcase the contents neatly.

Available in sizes from 15ml to 500ml, you have a choice of caps, or you can purchase your glass bottles and jars without a lid to suit your requirements. Bulk buy glass bottles for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes online here.

Cosmetic Glass Jars and Bottles

Discover the height of luxury and functionality with our exquisite range of cosmetic glass jars and bottles.

Aromatherapy Jars and Bottles

Indulge in the therapeutic experience of aromatherapy with our premium selection of glass jars and bottles. Crafted to meet the demands of aromatherapy enthusiasts, our containers offer both functionality and style.

Cosmetic Bottles & Jars

Improve your skincare routine with our range of cosmetic bottles and jars, designed to meet the rigorous standards of the beauty industry. Choose from an array of sizes and styles to complement your brand aesthetic and cater to your product requirements.

Laboratory and Chemical

Experience the reliability and precision required in laboratory and chemical environments with our specialised glassware. Engineered to withstand rigorous conditions and stringent requirements, our laboratory and chemical containers provide a secure and durable solution for storing and handling various substances.

Lids Caps & Pourers

Complete your packaging solution with our range of lids, caps, and pourers, designed to increase the functionality and convenience of your containers. Explore our collection to find the perfect accessory to complement your jars and bottles.

Mini Bottles

Discover the charm and versatility of our mini bottles, perfect for samples, travel-sized products, or unique gift sets. Despite their petite size, our mini bottles are crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as their larger counterparts.

Mini Glass Bottles

Experience the appeal of miniature packaging with our collection of mini glass bottles, ideal for a variety of applications. With sizes ranging from dainty 30ml vials to petite 100ml flasks, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your miniature masterpieces.

Round Jars

Celebrate the timeless elegance of round jars. Whether you're storing serums on your vanity or crafting bespoke skincare formulations, our round jars offer a blend of style and functionality, ensuring your products are beautifully presented and easily accessible.