Wholesale Glass Bottles & Glass Jars - UK Bulk Buying for Businesses

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Glass Bottles & Glass Jars - UK Bulk Buying For Businesses

Are you a retailer that relies on glass jars or bottles for packaging your products? Whether you’re a beverage vendor or a jam seller, the right container is paramount. Not only will a good glass product ensure a long shelf life, it can also bolster your brand and play a vital role in attracting consumers to you. If you’ve found the jar or bottle to suit you, then making sure you have a plentiful supply is the next step. We strive to be the best independent wholesale glass jars and bottles retailer in the UK. Read on to learn why buying in bulk is a business’s best friend.

Splendid Savings
Ordering in glass jars and bottles in wholesale quantities can cut your long-term costs. Obviously buying a pallet of jars is going to cost you more than buying a case of 12, but generally when you buy wholesale quantities, the price per unit is much lower. This means you’ll save more money by buying big now, than you would if you bought smaller quantities more frequently. Of course, another added bonus of this is less shopping trips, meaning you’ll save time too!
Our online wholesale jars and bottles store can provide to small businesses, midsized companies and even large corporations and can offer fantastic volume discounts, specific to customer requirements. Please contact our team for a quotation or for further pricing information on 01134871092 or email info@glassjarsandbottles.com.

​Brand Recognition
If you’ve been using one type of jar since you started out then the chances are that your consumer base has learned to love it and recognises it as part of your brand. If you were to run out and switched to an alternative, even for a short period, this could reflect badly on your business. You don’t want customers questioning the reliability and quality of your service. Buying your glass jars and bottles in wholesale quantities, you’re sure to have a good supply which eliminates this risk.

​Try Before You Buy
If you’ve ever set foot in a Costco, Cash and Carry or other large wholesalers, you’ll know that people flock for free samples and relish the opportunity to try before they buy. Using the product and testing the practicalities of it before committing to a job lot reduces your chances of making rash decisions and ending up with a wealth of unwanted stock. The same is true of Glass Jars and Bottles; we’re happy to provide samples of our glass jars and bottles to all of our customers, so whether you’re ordering screw lids, swing tops or sweet jars, just select the product you want to try and add a single unit to your cart.
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If you’d like to discuss pricing of wholesale bottles or jars or want to order larger quantities of a product not listed in our bulk buying section, then please contact us and we’ll try our best to assist.
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