What Are Hexagonal Glass Jars Used For?

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We are ever so slightly enthusiastic about glass jars here at Glass Jars & Bottles HQ. To be successful at what you do, you have to develop a genuine passion for the products you provide. On that note, we wanted to sing the praises of hexagonal glass jars for all of their practical and aesthetic purposes because we believe these gorgeous containers deserve some time in the spotlight!

First of all, we must emphasise how attractive a fresh batch of jam or marmalade looks in that 6-sided jar. We eat with our eyes so any packaging with a hint of novelty will make our stomach growl with the desire to consume it right away. This works fantastically well if you’re entertaining guests or if you have a café or grocery shop selling food items fit for small glass jars.

Hexagonal glass jars are a familiar sight in a quaint bed and breakfast because of their kitsch appeal. The edgy aesthetic adds an element of class because it veers away from the expected shape of almost any glass jar: round. While we know lots of you love to get creative in the kitchen with some sugar, water and a plethora of fruits & vegetables, you might be reading this with the niggling thought that we are stating the obvious.

As such, we feel compelled to emphasise the beauty of giving customised glass jars as gifts. The elegance of hexagonal glass jars is achieved at first sight due to the unconventional shape and as such, any filling is almost an extra in terms of positive perception. Situations that require a simple yet elegant gift as a token of respect or appreciation lend themselves well to the use of hexagonal glass jars, such as a welcome gift from a company or wedding favours.

This month’s suggested fillings are pot pourri, small sweets or vegetable seeds. Each one represents a part of British life and history, from reminding the recipient of the living room dressing table of your grandmother’s house to representing our ability to grow fresh fruit from the land. Our hexagonal glass jars are sold with the option of choosing your preferred colour from vinegar proof seal lids so you can control the aesthetic.

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