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Spring cleaning season is officially here. While you can tidy up your home or work space at any time of year, spring represents new beginnings due to the wealth of fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables that are permitted to grow thanks to the changing of the seasons. Perhaps you are in need of glass jars and bottles for another reason – as our products aren’t just for Spring, they are great for all-year-round use! Whatever your impetus is, you can buy glass bottles online via our website and choose from a range of delivery options.

Design vs. Practicality? How About Both?

If you haven’t checked out the impressive aesthetics of our mini round bottles yet, we recommend you do. Toiletries are a big part of the annual Spring clean and these chic bottles are a great container that look like a design choice rather than a practical endeavour. These little bottles also make for wonderful wedding favours for the same reason.

Get The Vintage Look

Our vintage milk bottles are fantastic for juices, sauces and of course milk. If you are going to use the array of in-season fruit and vegetables to make more smoothies but wish to control portion sizes, repurposing your kitchen cupboard tumblers isn’t as practical as having your choice of size in the form of a vintage milk bottle with a high-quality lid. We also stock mini milk bottles in both plastic and glass, as you will see when you choose to buy glass bottles online via our shop.

What About Jars?

We often get asked if you can use a glass jar as a bottle and the answer is yes: the glass amber powder jars we stock come in various sizes with the option of having a lid or no lid at all. Due to their size and weight, they are a great container for a light sensitive product such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. If a part of your Spring clean involves storing these items in translucent containers on your counter, we recommend this jar! A sample is also available for you to see just how durable, attractive and well-made the glass bottle is before you commit to purchasing a pack.

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