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If you run a hospitality business or have a themed event coming up, you might be looking for seemingly effortless and cost-effective ways to decorate. If you have a creative streak, a penchant for organisation or you’re looking for ideas, adorning the room with decorative glass jars might be the right choice for making your event stand out.

Effortless Chic & Environmentalism

There is something very chic about glass jars, whether customised or plain; round or square; small or large, that helps to brighten up the room. The way they are decorated is highly adaptable given the blank canvas you have to work with and the quality of the material. In terms of perception, glass portrays more elegance than plastic as it doesn’t have the same throwaway nature and triumphs in terms of environmental benefit. This makes decorative glass jars a fantastic choice for maintaining positive brand perception, whether that is a personal brand or a company one!

Containing Recognition

If you are serving food and drinks at this event, decorative glass jars are a great way to house the paper straws that have become mandatory in recent years. We offer a range of sizes and any glass jar is perfect for this purpose, not to mention the added benefit of the mess-free nature of straws pertaining to some first-rate reusability. When you use a glass jar as a container for straws, - or other objects, you also benefit from a great opportunity to print the name of the event/your business/product as event attendees are likely to be waiting for a drink and thus looking for a distraction.

Stand-out Servings

A quirky but totally stand-out way to wow guests at an event where you can make executive decisions comes in the form of glass jar lids. Hear us out – cakes and nibbles that are small in size or presented by the slice, can be served on a jam jar lid instead of forking out on a large number of plates. It creates a great talking point for guests while surreptitiously encouraging an Instagram or TikTok opportunity that further promotes your event/brand. It also proves how diverse glass jars can be as even the lids can be useful yet decorative!

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