Little Touches Make Valentine’s Day Magic

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Valentine’s day is coming up and it’s never too early to prepare. Some people view Valentine’s Day through a cynical lens, seeing it as a commercial holiday thrust upon us by the big corporations always at work. Others see it as a time to express their love to their partner; to create a date night nobody can reschedule as it only happens once a year: 14th February! If you want to express your affections without breaking the bank, it is entirely possible. Lots of people who buy glass jars online ahead of the coveted date do so because they plan to get crafty with cupid’s big day. Let’s explore further.

Candle-lit Ambience

A sure-fire way to build up to a romantic evening is to create a candle-lit environment for dinner and drinks to take place. Tea-light candles are diminutive enough to sit nicely in our range of large glass jars and once you add some decoration, they demonstrate the attention your partner admires you for.

Sweet Jars

Since Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with chocolates, you could fill our food grade jars with your other half’s favourite sweet treats as a thoughtful surprise that goes beyond picking up a selection tray on your way home from work.  

Personalised Vase

Another way to get into the novelty of Valentines while showing your partner how much you value them is to write a personalised message using your preferred medium on the jar and place the flowers every woman wants inside. In keeping with our prior example, the twist on a traditional trend is an easy way to make the effort without facing extortionate prices.

Trendy Cocktails

Rather than keeping it predictable with wine, why not surprise your partner by preparing their favourite cocktail? If you don’t happen to have cocktail glasses at home, you can buy glass jars online in our shop that are sizable enough to accommodate beverages that will look trendy in a social media snap. Not only is this a great way to add novelty to your night, but it also demonstrates your sustained interest in your partner as you not only remembered their favourite tipple – you learned the recipe and rustled up a surprise.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s the little touches that matter the most. If you are looking to buy glass jars online for a cost-effective way to show your love, our online shop will have just the container for you.

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