Square Jars are Perfect for Storage

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Our jam jars might be recyclable, but the eco-friendlier option is to repurpose the containers for another function instead of heading straight to the recycling bin. That way, if you are more of a seasonal jam-maker than a full-time foodie, you can re-purpose them yet again once you get the desire to make jam again. It may seem obvious; however, we would like to emphasise that if you are going to use your jam jars for food storage after using it as a cosmetic or decorative container, you should sterilise your square jam jars thoroughly.

One of the most overlooked usages for jam jars are for storage that is less food related and more miscellaneous. If you are a creative person, you probably have lots of crafty items around the house: glitter, buttons, beads, wool, etc. It is also naturally the case that you need to keep them organised, and we think transparent glass jars are more practical than the empty sweet tins your mother used to have around the house. Square jam jars also have the power to inspire you to keep knitting that cardigan or crafting those handmade birthday cards as the container is fully transparent!

The organisation of kitchen items is another obvious choice for our square jam jars as sauces and spices are especially well-placed in our glass jars. Our preserving jars and sweet jars also make for a great choice when it comes to food storage: lentils, pasta, and herbs & more can all be stored in our recyclable, high quality jars.

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