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Many people rightly think that when it comes to the practical uses for jam jars, the clue is in the name. While this might be true, jam jars are not only suitable for housing jam, chutney, honey, and other liquid goods, but for providing a range of cosmetic and decorative purposes.

Nowadays the physical photo is not as commonplace as it used to be, however family photos or memories of the past still make a house feel like a home. Older generations appreciate a print-out photo and younger people enjoy the novelty especially. Since photo frames are similarly not as easily found and may even be a dated way to display the good times had, the simple craft of putting photographs in jam jars provides a spectacular effect. Photographs that curve around jam jars, perhaps with some extra labelling or ribbon around them, make for a touching gift to just about anybody with a sentimental streak. It is also cost-effective and shows you are doing your bit in living sustainably when you give a gift that is friendly to the environment!

A great way to go about crafting a homemade photo jar is to keep things simple. Pierce a small hole at the top of the photograph (this works particularly well for a polaroid picture) and attach a clear piece of string in the centre that is glued to the underside of the lid. For added glamour, you could glue some glitter to the outside of the jam jars or use a black marker to label it!

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