Easy & Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

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New Years Eve is officially back on this year. After an unfortunate hiatus meant watching old re-runs of tv shows was the preferred way to spend the 31st December, society is slowly returning to normal again, with the New Years Eve party back in your calendar. Whether you’re hosting a party or inviting a few friends over for a gathering, jars and bottles are the unexpected NYE decoration you hadn’t thought of yet.

If you would rather opt for something creative and more ‘adult’ than old-school party banners, you could easily adorn glass jars for an environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing bit of party décor. Also, it looks great for your reputation to use recyclable materials in a climate change-conscious world where COP26 was a big focus of winter. Politics often arises as a topic of adult conversation and decorated glass jars and bottles make for the perfect party pieces if you want to demonstrate an eco-friendly ethos.

Perhaps you could spray paint some twigs in winter hues of gold and silver before popping them in clear glass jars (and bottles) for simple adornments that last all year round. Any fairly lights you have in the home would look great in a glass jar and make for the perfect soft lighting a New Year’s Eve party requires.

If you happen to be making your own cocktails, glass jars and bottles make for a trendy, social media-worthy container that will add something special to gatherings of any size. Conventional uses for glass jars and bottles always apply, with homemade jam and honey finding a perfect home here. But if you are savvy and green thinking, our glass jars and bottles can be used for almost anything!

If you are hosting a large party or want to bulk buy for your business, we are also able to offer you a wholesale option that will give you more and allow you to save money at the same time. Just get in touch with us at your earliest convenience and your preferred glass jars and bottles will be with you promptly.

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