Are Square Jars Best for my Business?

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Glass jars come in different shapes and sizes for a reason. Not only are there practical elements to be accounted for, but also aesthetics. Whether you are an at-home foodie or you run a business where you use glass jars for packaging, peruse this blog dedicated to square glass jars before making any further decisions.

Square or Round?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why the circle took the crown in being jam’s go-to storage shape? There are several reasons, with the comfort of a circular object coming out on top. Put simply, it’s easier to hold given the way our hands clasp around the object, and they weigh less than square glass jars, making them more universal in their handling. Shapes have associations and tradition plays a big part in how we perceive a product, so given how many decades have seen the round jam jar house jams and other foods, it’s more likely that we would favour a classic shape in terms of purchase power.

Stand Out

On the other hand, square glass jars are the perfect choice for separating your product from the rest. If you want to create a market for yourself, square glass jars look chic with their sharp edges and you can label them or add your own adornments to make your product uniquely appealing. When you buy from our shop, you can choose between gold, silver and black twist-off lids, ‘pop-up’ lids or even choose to have no lid at all. We also offer a sample buy to test-run the container and our discounts for bulk buys are quickly earning us the reputation of being a leading UK wholesale supplier of glass bottles and jars.

Preserves, condiments and even chutneys look fantastic in square glass jars, but so do crafty creations for all those with a decorative business. You really can reach a mass range of people with an elegant square jar.

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