The Under-rated Benefit of Bulk-Buying

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Summer will be here before you know it. Preparation pays in business, as in life, so it’s best to bulk-buy budget glass jars way before you need to use them given how much notice you have of the sunny season’s arrival. Unlike the berry in the bush however, any time of year is ripe for reaping the rewards of a wholesale purchase. Our blog examines one of the most understated – yet crucial, advantages of this savvy spending manoeuvre.

Brand Maintenance

Where your customers are concerned, consistency is key. No matter what your business is – whether you’re selling jars of deliciously fresh jam, or you sell beverages in mini milk bottles for a niche effect, the branding is vitally important - we ‘eat with our eyes’ and we buy with them too. Whether you have deliberately brainstormed the aesthetics or let your customers decide, you have a brand and you need to stay on-brand to keep loyal customers coming back.

Scenario 1

Let’s explore what might happen if you didn’t bulk buy ahead of time: if you don’t account for a boom in business but naturally still want to please your consumer base – and as such purchase a last-minute replacement that differs from your normal container, it will represent your business unfavourably. Plus, your customers want the chutney packaged in a chic square jar like they are used to, and not in a makeshift orcio container. There is a reasonable chance your customers re-use our recyclable jars for other household means that rely on aesthetics, and not all lid colours are available equally in relation to the type of jar.

Create Your Success

The cost and time efficiency of bulk buying for budget glass jars are obvious and overstated. But you also have your brand to think about. Not only is it advantageous to rustle up fresh food from fruits that are in season, but those berries that ripen in time for summer need to be packaged properly to help you stay on-brand and create the business success summer forecasts.

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