The Multi-Usage of Glass Bottles

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If you are looking to decorate your room with ornaments but wish to avoid lining your shelves with pieces your grandma would have loved in yesteryear, glass bottles might be a chic idea. A blank canvas with which you can paint on if you so choose, or simply an ode to minimalist design and environmentalism, glass bottles can stand alone as mini signature pieces.

Effortless Decor

Given their simplicity, their placement can look picturesque in a range of environments, including public bathrooms, café tables, wedding tables and more. We stock a range of premium Italian glass bottles, mini glass bottles, amber home brew bottles and more that all pack a visual punch, even with no filling. If you do invest in glass bottles for aesthetic purposes, you are saving money and time spent buying glass containers when you need to store food or drink in a bottle. All you need to do is sterilise any glass bottles or jam jars with hot soapy water and any substances will be washed away.

Sterilise & Re-Use

The tight seals the caps on our glass bottles provide are perfect for storing all manner of food and drinks, from a milk bottle blondie to homemade beer and beyond. We also offer a discounted rate and the added convenience of wholesale purchases, so if you have a business, an upcoming wedding or simply want to save the time of rebuying, this could be the route for you.

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