Ideas for Decorative Jam Jars

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Whether you are looking for creative ways to re-use a batch of jam jars previously used for food purposes or you want to buy some kitsch decorative jam jars to look good, our huge range should be your first port of call. Not only do we source the best in glass jar containers, but we also have expert advice just a phone call away and wholesale discounts to be made.

The New Party Bag

A creative method of re-using a jam jar could be to use these containers as party bags for a children’s party. Adults usually end up looking after party bags to ensure their little ones don’t just gorge on sweets all at once, so the choice of material won’t be a problem and the party bag can act more like a collectible piece to treasure. All you need to do is to tie some ribbon, attach a small figure onto the lid with some string or glue and perhaps personalise the object with the recipient’s name. The fillings could therefore be anything that fits into the economical space. If you don’t have children but do have a wedding coming up, this idea also doubles up well as wedding favours!

Salad Jars

If you have TikTok or Instagram, you may also have seen salad jars. Exactly as it sounds, salad jars are the new way of storing your lunch without using up lots of plastic Tupperware that frequently needs to be re-bought. Our jam jars come in a range of sizes and shapes, so if you have a medium or large round jar, you can easily put a decent portion of lunch into this glass container. If you run a catering business, this is a fantastic idea for a modern way to package lunch! And the best part is that we offer a discount for small and large businesses so if you are sourcing decorative jam jars but worry about brand consistency, our bulk buy discount will ease your fears.

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