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Round jars fit perfectly in anybody’s hand due to their ergonomic design. Thanks to the surge of social media documenting all aspects of our lives, the interior of the bedroom is just as important as it ever was. The trend to have a minimalist bedroom with generic slogan’s like ‘live laugh love’ has been mercilessly mocked by the younger generations for years now. Instead, a more kitsch, expressive and DIY look is in vogue.

Kitsch Decorations

Fairy lights in glass jars have the aesthetic appeal Instagram was made for, while filling round jars with coloured sand, pebbles and other crystals also provides a visual punch. Plants are becoming more popular now too, and home-made terrariums are on the rise. There are tonnes of tutorials on YouTube and Google for how to make your own mini plant habitat. Storage and preserving jars also make for a great jar to use as you can seal the lid when necessary. The key is to choose a plant that doesn’t require lots of sunlight so you can put it on your bookshelf, bedside table, or wherever else you choose to house it.

Self-Love Stations

Another way in which you can utilise recyclable round jars is by putting sweet messages to yourself inside for you to read later. Some people like ‘compliment jars’ where you can note down all the nice things people have said to you so you can read it at the end of the year for a little self-love boost. Gratitude jars are made similarly – made to encourage a more permanent sense of positive thinking. There are so many more ideas online thanks to the surge in self-care blogs and videos.


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