Classy Glass Jar Gift Ideas

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Glass jars with specialised fillings make for great gifts. There are certain tiers when it comes to gift giving on special occasions, from weddings to birthdays and beyond. If you know the person well, a personalised gift becomes more important. If you are just giving a gift to a mutual friend or as a customary part of a wedding, more generic gift ideas are acceptable. There is the opportunity to buy glass jars online that you can fill with the following ideas.

Bath Salts

If you have a spiritual friend or simply someone who loves their relaxation time, bath salts are a great gift. An Epsom salt bath is known for pain relief and to soothe anxiety, while other bath salts come in different colours so you can match the colour to their favourite shade.


A good gender-neutral present, the terrarium is thoughtful yet generic enough to be received well by anybody. All you need to do is buy glass jars online, confirm with the florist which plant would be best in the terrarium environment, and then you can follow the guided steps to create a great gift.


If you know the gift recipient’s favourite food, you can give them a cake in a jar or your famously well-received jam. Glass jars are food-grade, recyclable and aesthetic looking so they look pretty in the hands of the recipient.

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