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Several studies have shown glass packaging to be the preference of the eco-conscious customer. At the same time, the younger generation are well-documented as seeking to make the most environmentally beneficial consumer choices. If you are a retailor who has previously preferred plastic, you might want to buy glass jars and bottles to keep a strong consumer base in the upcoming years. Society has started to prioritise preserving the planet in every decision, plus glass products keep food and drinks fresher for longer. Cosmetic jars and amber beer bottles are also the most aesthetic choices, with specific designs and material properties catering to different usages.

Honest Packaging

If you are thinking of switching the packaging you use, or you are looking for the right product to support a new venture, our team can help you to buy glass jars and bottles as they are highly experienced in supplying high quality glass products and passionate about supporting other UK businesses. If you do decide to purchase from our fantastic range, you have the option of collecting your products from our central midlands address, or you can peruse our delivery information to find the best option for you. All delivery costs are calculated according to product weight and include VAT so you are not faced with additional numbers when you go to confirm your order. We aim to deliver all orders placed before midday on the next working day as we value your time and your custom.


The bulk-buy discounts we offer are fantastic for businesses of all kinds as we offer quality products at competitive rates that are further discounted to save you time and money.

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If you would like to buy glass jars and bottles that have been carefully made and calculated according to weight, contact us today.


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