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Whether you think Halloween is ‘all just a bunch of hocus pocus’ or enjoy the theatrics of the Autumnal event, the celebration has grown to become so popular it cannot be ignored. If you own a customer-facing business, seasonal decorations are a must-have, with Halloween included. Since the event comes but once a year, you might want to invest in some good value decorations with a reusable possibility. That’s where our wholesale glass jars and bottles come in handy.


As a leading UK supplier of wholesale glass jars and bottles of different varieties, we can offer discounts for bulk buys at competitive rates compared to any other business. The value of what we offer is never comprised by our price as all the glass jars and bottles we stock are UK manufactured and selected for their quality and aesthetics. From the instantly recognisable club jar that stands as the perfect container for all types of sweets, to the glass bottles that add chic to any setting with the placement of a few flowers, and beyond, our online shop is a hub of bulk buying opportunity. In addition to customising decorations for late October, retail shops can benefit from bulk buying packs of glass jars and bottles for the Autumnal and Winter activities their customers enjoy. Often, this involves baking, cooking and other homely activities that chic containers are required for, and getting an order in for Autumn means preparing ahead for Christmas. If you need glass bottles and jars to package your products, you can make savings by planning ahead with a bulk order.


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