Winter Wedding Favours

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Winter weddings are a great way to bring everyone together to celebrate your big day without having to fork out for a full-cost summer wedding. If you prefer the colour palette associated with winter and love all things Christmas, you will want to make your own wedding favours for the occasion. Jam jars with lids are perfect for crafting small ‘thank you’ gifts to your guests as the glass material looks chic and you are spoilt for choice as to what you put inside. If you have spare jam jars with lids due to being a recent recipient of wedding favours or Xmas gifts, our blog has tonnes of ideas as to how to re-use them cleverly.


Stick to a theme for your wedding favours: hexagonal, square or round jam jars with lids all work wonderfully so it depends upon your preferred aesthetic. Our online shop offers a huge range of different colours for the vinegar-proof lids to arrive in, from red gingham to a classic gold top, so customise your order before you check out. The colour of the lid packs a big visual punch due to the transparency of the glass container. Next, think about what you would like to fill it with.


Light Bites

Homemade chutney is a great idea for winter wedding favours due to the food stuff screaming seasonality and the exchange of food items naturally taking place amongst the Christmas season anyway. Candy canes or other sweets make for great winter wedding favours that have a topical feel for the beholder. It’s also possible to slice up a chocolate brownie and decant miniature portions into your jam jars with lids for your guests to enjoy. After all, free food is part and parcel of wedding culture!



Alternatively, blue, and white hues used in the form of glitter, marker pens and/or stickers will help to stick with a winter theme as you decorate your winter wedding favours. Just a piece of cloth, some ribbon and some light decoration often makes the best visual impression as ornaments and winter go hand in hand.


Our blog is full of ideas as to how you can re-use all kinds of glass jars so be sure to peruse our other posts for inspiration.


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