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Picture a glass jar containing jam on a picnic table. What does the pattern on the lid look like? We guess there are small white spots adorning the red lid of the jam jar, portraying a quintessentially British visual of summer, where strawberries are in season and scones are scoffed by family and friends alike. Images invoke feelings in the viewer, and this goes doubly for the buyer as we seek an emotional experience in everything, including the items we purchase. Glass jars and lids are no exception as the food stored within them is a common source of emotional fulfilment, and the impact that something as physically small as a lid can make is monumental when it comes to drawing the eye. A decorated lid is the finishing touch your glass jar needs.

Simple yet Effective

It is well known that words are not the most powerful form of communication, so appealing to the eye through visually pleasing aesthetics has more of an impact. Red is the perfect base colour for lids as it looks similar to the flavour of jam most commonly associated with glass jars, and lids often catch the eye first due to their positioning. The brain makes the connection between foods like strawberry, raspberry etc. and the colour, avoiding any disconnect with food you might get with a colder hue like blue, purple, or an abstract design.


Not only do spotty lids make for the perfect seal to your glass jar, but they are also suitable for all occasions due to the clarity of the design. If you want to add customisation to the glass jar itself, the lid can compliment any design as red is a primary colour. For example, red-check ribbons are a popular addition to a glass jar, and lids with white spots on a red base will colour-match perfectly.

Variety of Sizes

Our glass jars and lids come in a variety of sizes and shapes - from small round Bonta jars to hexagonal jarsdecorative jarsOrcio jars and more. We sell the right size to suit your purpose as they can be purchased individually or in bulk for wholesale usage.

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