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Mini milk bottles have a retro appeal and multi-purpose functionality, so it’s no wonder they are proving popular with a wide range of people. The vintage mini milk bottles we sell include the twist lids in the price and paper drinking straws are available to purchase in packs of 25. For a very fair price, you could have multi-use mini milk bottles. Let’s explore their versatility:

Trendy Cocktails

Since lockdown saw us spending lots of time in our homes with our alcohol cabinet not far away for those welcome Fridays, cocktail-making has become a widely popular activity. Rather than copying the old formula of a glass, why not give your cocktails a signature twist by pouring them into milk mini bottles? Instant Instagram appeal guaranteed.

Wedding Favours

Whether you pop a thank you note inside, fill it with sweets so the guests’ children have a surprise treat or give a decorative gift in the form of a pretty ornament, our vintage mini milk bottles make for ideal wedding favours.

Welcome Drinks

Greet your guests with some bespoke welcome drinks you can guarantee they haven’t had before by serving your chosen beverage in mini milk bottles. Separating drinks into mini milk bottles of differing sizes is also a nifty way to differentiate between adult and children’s drinks.

Water Bottles

Rather than refilling plastic bottles or inevitably misplacing them, why not have your drink in a mini milk bottle so it still fits in your bag, avoid the plastic particles that seep into the liquid over time, and shows how eco-conscious you are?


Store your sweets in a clean, clear container with a sellable lid that comes in a variety of colours: gold, red gingham, silver, black, or 'pop up ‘lids. It looks great on the shelf or on a summer fair stall, plus the size allows for treat-temptation control. The classic ‘guess how many sweets’ game can be played with mini milk bottles too, only with a twist!

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