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The glass jar has a multitude of uses. When you think of a glass jar, you probably imagine the object containing a food item like jam or honey due to the preservation opportunities afforded by glass jars. At Glass Jars and Bottles, we believe in thinking outside of the box. For that reason, our glass jars provide great opportunities to get creative beyond the kitchen door. Take some inspiration from us!


Self-care has been heightened ever since the global pandemic forced us to spend almost all of our time indoors, without access to the usual novelties we previously enjoyed in life. As with any period of isolation, breakthroughs in thinking emerge with regards to how we could enhance our life or simply increase the fun-factor. Cosmetics-making is an activity with a breadth of opportunities in terms of which products you emulate and how large the quantities of your cosmetics can be. If you like your creation, you could even turn it into a business idea, side hustle or simple money-saving venture. 

From a clear round glass jar to a clear glass powder jar, we have all shapes and sizes in stock to suit different cosmetics products so no matter where you want to begin, we can find the right container for you.


The holistic art of aromatherapy is an accessibly way of creating your own mood-enhancing chemicals, whether by way of essential oils or bath salts. The vast range of glass jar containers in different sizes we have available provide you with ample opportunity for experimentation to hone your craft in creating aromatherapy candles, oils or bath salts. Perhaps you have a cosmetics business and need to package your products in a suitable sized glass jar? We are sure to have the solution for you with one of our amber powder glass jars that looks the part as well as functioning exactly to your requirements.

To place your order in to package your liquid creations, get in touch with a member of our dedicated team today.

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