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We provide high quality glass jars to everybody, from wholesale customers to routine hobbyists with a love of jam-making and all things crafty. We have a wide variety of glass jars and bottles that are compatible with a vast range of uses that including adornment, so whether it is for professional or personal usage, we enable a functional container to transform into decorative glass jars.

Painting Glass Jars

Did you know there are thousands of people who find a sense of relaxation in painting glass jars? Like most things centred around creativity, the trend grew in popularity during the pandemic and remains a great way of sprucing up household objects or fancifying the products you package for your business.

Vast Size Range

On a similar note, glass jar crafting is a popular way of creating aesthetically pleasing objects you can show off around your home or sell on to interested parties. We have a great range of different sized storage jars for ambitious projects as well as differently shaped round honey and orcio jars, but the decorative glass jars you choose depend entirely on your preference. Since we have such a large selection, it really is a case of your mother’s favourite saying ‘look and you shall find’.

The opportunities are endless in terms of how you can get creative with decorative glass jars. Here is a handy list of what you could make:

    • Candles

    • Toiletries holder: cotton buds, razors, toothbrushes etc.

    • Bead storage jar

    • Stationary holder

    • Biscuit jar

    • Wedding favours

    • Vase

    • Tea light holder

    • Penny jar

As you can see, the opportunities for decorative glass jars are surplus. Glass jar crafting is a family-friendly activity due to a child’s love of creating and a parent’s penchant for cost-effective yet fun bonding activities! Those who enjoy creating for their own sense of joy, mental wellness or want to turn their crafty skills into a money-making opportunity often purchase decorative glass jars from us too. After all, we are a trusted source for a range of glass jars available at competitive prices.

If you would like to purchase any of our glass jars, lids or make an enquiry, get in touch with us today.

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