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Versatility is valued at Glass Jars and Bottles not only by our customers, but by us. We have made it our mission to provide premium glass jars, bottles, lids and more since our inception because we are always evolving and endeavour to provide excellent customer service. Glass jar lids come in different colours for various uses so look no further than our competitively priced products.


Various Sized Lids

When it comes to glass jar lids, size matters. We have twist lids ranging from 43mm to 82mm that come in traditional red gingham, gold, silver and black. These lids are perfect for jam jars but also any other use you have for a container that would suit a simple ‘twist off’ motion to access inside the jar. The 38 aluminium screw lids we have in stock fit perfectly on our wedding favours glass jars but the buyer is by no means obligated to use them only for that purpose. We also have 70mm gold screw lids that happen to be ideally suited to our traditional 1lb honey jars. As you may have gathered, we stock a variety of sizes to secure the right lid for you.

Traditional Spotty Lids

We know our customer base well and are always happy to help business and individuals with their requirements, so welcome new customers to enjoy the appealing range of stock we have in store. Across all the many sectors and sizes of businesses we have noticed a common theme, and that is the demand for traditional spotty glass jar lids. If you package food items, you will already be aware of how beneficial the colour red can be in terms of positively correlating to food and how it inspires people to pick up your product.
The red spotty lid you normally find adorning the top of jam jars paints a picture of a classic picnic table with the familiar lid sparking a trust within the consumer that the product is both safe and appealing.


The benefits of buying in bulk are surplus in terms of preparing for packaging demands far in advance while also saving you money at the same time. We provide wholesale quantities to businesses of all sizes so if you need glass jar lids to accompany you glass jar purchases, place your orders promptly for enhanced preparation.

Contact us today if you need glass jar lids that are practical, aesthetically appealing and popular with all different types of people.

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