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If you are one of the many Brits who have made a hobby out of jam-making since lockdowns entered our lives all those months ago, you might want to show off your new skills. Even if you are a seasoned professional at using in-season fruit and vegetables to make jam for friends, family and importantly yourself, you still need to choose the best jam jar for your fruitful efforts. The creativity of jam-making does not stop at the kitchen door when you consider decorative jam jars for showing off your efforts.

Get Crafty

The simplification of life since the start of the pandemic has hit us hard but it has also presented all of us with an opportunity to return to the quiet pursuits we enjoyed when we were younger. Once you have chosen the right size glass jar for you from our extensive selection, you can then begin to add adornments as appropriate. Perhaps a red ribbon colour-matches your classic strawberry jam so effortlessly it makes you smile, or maybe you want to try your hand at calligraphy with our labels as a template. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes it feels right to be let loose with a bit of glitter.

A Variety of Sizes

If you are making jam for personal use, the joy of individual discretion really is upon you with regards to which of our decorative jam jars you choose to house your homemade creation. Hexagonal jars have a certain edge that appeals to the eyes (and stomach), however a big batch calls for a large round jam jar to preserve all the goodness you have in store. Since we also supply wholesale, your business can bulk buy our decorative jam jars to package your products and secure a saving simultaneously. If you need any assistance or special accommodation requests, our hard-working team will try their best to assist you.



There is nothing more idiosyncratic than giving an especially decorated gift tailored specifically to the recipient with your two hands and a creative mind. The mini jars range we have, from square to hexagonal and more, prove popular as wedding favours due to their charm and ability for customisation. From ‘thank you’ notes on tied-up gift tags to aesthetically pleasing stickers and beyond, our decorative jam jars can be occupied with a filling of your choice for an individualised gift the recipient will adore.

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