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Summer is the ripest time of year for many crops and the warm temperatures are known for inspiring the fast fruition of garden goodies. Staring into your patch and conjuring a plan for just how you’re going to eat all that cucumber before it’s past its best can be challenging! Just as plentiful fruit creates a hoard of sweet and delicious jam, a vast array of vegetables can be pickled to keep them in an edible state for longer and it couldn’t be easier! A brine base of sugar, salt vinegar and water can be rustled up in just a few minutes

Garnish with Garlic

As a member of the onion family, garlic is great for pickling and has a much wider range of uses than the traditional pickled onion. Simply separate and skin the cloves, pop them into a 200ml mini clip top preserving jar and pour over your brine. Once pickled, they can last up to 3 months and in a mini jar, they won’t take up much room in the fridge should you want to further extend their shelf life. After just 24 hours your garlic will be pickled and ready to pop into some mashed potatoes, season vegetables with, create an indulgent sauce or even just eat straight from the jar!

Classic Cucumber

A ripe harvest of cucumbers can be particularly daunting, with most plants sprouting 2 or 3 at a time and the lifespan of only a few days. The humble pickle itself is in fact just pickled cucumber and so preserving this fruit (yes, cucumber is actually a fruit!) makes for some delicious sandwiches, cheeseboards and salads. Whether you choose to cut them up into rings or sticks, using a larger preserve jar such as the 750ml clip top is recommended, as the cucumbers will lose a lot of water in the pickling process. They also absorb a great deal of flavour from the brine, spicing it up with mustard seeds, turmeric or even paprika can give a real kick to your pickle!

If you’re looking to pickle this summer take a look at our vast array of preserving jars online and order your stocks today!

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