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With extended daylight hours and warming temperatures, summer provides the perfect backdrop for BBQs and garden parties. If you’re hosting you’ll most likely be out to impress with your spread and if you’re attending as a guest, bringing a contribution that will be appreciated is high on the agenda. That’s where we can help; our range of glass jars and bottles can be purposed into any impressive favour!

Welcome Drinks

With our range of vintage mini-milk bottles, you can do away with traditional champagne flutes. Fill them with prosecco and add a handful of berries for a unique alternative to the traditional wine on arrival. Simple and effective, these bottles are sure to charm your guests and make a subtle and elegant change to the usual beverages. Couple with a paper straw or present them in our mini milk crate for a truly rustic look that will give your guests that summer party feeling.

Tasty Treats

It’s not only delicious drinks that can be delicately displayed in these mini-milk bottles. Thanks to our variety of sizes, you can use them for practical and pretty storage or as an ornamental feature at a party. Got children coming? Fill our 500ml mini-milk bottles with colourful candies and use them as place settings with a twist. Not only will the kids be excited at the prospect of sweets, they will also look chic and sophisticated on the table.

Outstanding Offerings

If you’ve got an event to attend and feel obliged to take a gift, our one litre milk bottles provide a stylish casing for some home-made goods. Whether you’ve been crafting your own cordial or working on some wine, a lovingly prepared batch is an ideal and thoughtful gift. What’s more if you’re planning on infusing some gin or mulling some wine this summer, you can do it in the bottle itself, saving on any would be mess-making in transferring. Simply fill with your flavourings, twist on one of our metal milk bottle lids and let nature get to work!
Give them an event to remember with our range of glass jars and bottles. Take a look at our website to see our full range or to order online.

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