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After a warm and sunny Spring, Summer is underway, bringing with it some fruitful pickings. June marks the season of soft fruits of all kinds. Sweet and subtle flavours like strawberry or apricot and tart but tantalising rhubarb and gooseberries are all ripe for the picking and perfect for preserving at their optimum sweetness. Our range of glass jam jars are on hand for those recipes coming into fruition this summer.

Strawberry Fields

Whether they’re picked on a fruit farm or you’re lucky enough to have them ripening in the garden, strawberries are a quintessentially British fruit. The only thing more representative of the island nation than the fruit itself is strawberry jam, be it smothered on crumpets or in a delicious Victoria sponge cake. Fill our hexagonal jars up with your favourite strawberry jam recipe and twist on a gingham lid for that rustic village fete feel. Available in a range of capacities from the mini 45ml to the 440ml you can create breakfast or tombola sized portions of the sweet sensation.

​Don’t Act the Gooseberry

When it comes to gooseberries, it can be easy to shrug them off as too sour for any sort of jam recipe. When uncooked these small green fruits can get your face in a twist with bitterness. But don’t be left behind; when boiled with a little sugar, they can make the most delightful jelly or jam that can be used in all manner of recipes sweet and savoury for a little sharpness.Keep it fresh by pouring into one of our Orcio jars and display proudly in the pantry for months to come.

Rhubarb Royalty

It was Queen Victoria’s favourite fruit for good reason and now it seems its popularity is on the rise again. Whether in a classic crumble or as an alcohol flavouring this delightfully pink fruit seems to be cropping up in all manner of recipes. June is prime picking time but ensure you don’t leave it on the plant for too long, as it will lose its soft texture and become woody. Don’t worry about using it all up because with a rapid regrowth you can expect another batch next month. With so much cropping up why not try your hand at a rhubarb puree? Perfect for summer Bellinis, over ice cream or in some warm custard. For pristine presentation, house it in one of our swing top bottles and stick it in the fridge.

Make the most of this year’s yield of fruit. With the help of our functional, elegant glass jars and bottles, it’s easy pickings.

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