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Now that autumn’s advancing, it means just one thing: those last fruits of the year are ready and ripe for the picking. With oodles of options for your preserving penchant, our diverse range of glass jam jars and bottles are helping you celebrate the season. Find out how we let your culinary creations can bear fruit, as it were.    

The Berry Best

Whether they’re picked on an autumnal countryside walk or you’re lucky enough to have them ripening beside your house, blackberries are a quintessentially British fruit. That said, like so many good things in life, it can feel like they’re here one day and gone the next. What better reason to preserve their scrumptiousness in jam form? Fill our hexagonal jars to the brim with your favourite blackberry jam recipe. Available in a range of capacities, from the mini 55ml to the sizeable 12oz hexagonal jar, you can spread some hedgerow happiness on your morning toast for months to come.

The Apple of Your Eye

When it comes to crab apples, it can be all too easy to walk on by. We’ll admit it: when uncooked, they have an unfortunate tendency to leave the eater’s face contorted by their bitterness. But boil them up, add a smattering of sugar and stick them into our 500ml Artisan Le Parfait hinged jars, and you’ll transform them into a mouth-watering crab apple jelly, perfect with Sunday roasts.

Sloe and Steady Wins the Race

You might not think it, but the humble sloe can in fact produce one of the nation’s most delicious drinks. After all, who doesn’t indulge in little G&T from time to time? Pick these dusky blue berries and create your very own homemade Sloe Gin. Whether you hoard it for yourself in our 250ml Glass Swing Top bottles or gift it to a friend in our sleek Italian premium bottles, sloe proves itself one merry-making berry.

Make the most of this year’s yield of fruit. With the help of our functional, elegant glass jars and bottles, it’s easy pickings. 

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