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Although technically September is still summertime, the autumnal fruits and vegetables are starting to yield.  In season this month are delicious delights such as apples, sweet peppers and tomatoes and with Christmas cheeseboards just on the horizon, there’s no better time to make some chutneys!

Autumnal Apples

Arguably the most popular of all the chutneys is the classic apple. Deliciously sweet and terrifically tart at the same time it’s truly a taste sensation that conjures up the classic taste notes of Christmas. Whether you have some atop of cheese and crackers, basted over some roasted ham or even spread thickly on a sandwich it always hits exactly the right spot. If you fancy putting a twist on a classic; sliced up ginger, or even a little bit of star anise ads a subtle but powerful note. Displayed in a classic 16oz chutney jar, your apple-tastic creation can take pride of place in the pantry.

Gearing Up for Gifts

Chutneys make excellent gifts whether as a stocking filler or as a contribution to a tombola but when receiving a gift, everybody likes something a little different to tingle their taste buds. With this in mind, a tomato & pepper chutney popped into a miniature 212ml jar  complete with a gingham lid makes for a gift that excites all the senses. Kind on the eye, but fiery on the tongue this spicy sensation leads the way in unusual gift giving.

Chutney Challenge

If you’re overwhelmed with abundant autumnal fruits for chutney, or if you’re making a huge batch for a later date, then rather than purchasing jars with small volume our half gallon chutney jar could save on space and money. Whether you’re making a one-off wholesale lot or you’re in the chutney or preserving business, these jars are available in pack sizes of 1 and 12.

Get a head start this chutney season and order all your jars online now. Take a look at our website to see our full range and place your order.

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