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Wedding favours date back to the medieval times, with the first mention of them appearing in the 1500s in England. Some people might think of them as an American tradition but there is a long history of gifting wedding favours, often in the shape of glass jars in UK wedding venues. A culture of gratitude is one of the best things you can create for the big day as it brings positive energy and makes you popular with all your guests. Plus, you can keep one for yourself!


Macaroons are pretty, petite and not your everyday treat. An assortment of 2 macaroons stacked neatly in glass jam jars will wow your guests. Simple yet effective, these wedding favours are easy to create and yet leave a lasting impression on your guests. Similarly small pieces of chocolate or sweets will look great inside these UK glass jars or bottles, with more unique or retro sweets leaving a lasting impression.

Mini Succulents

Plants are very popular in 2023, with more young people taking care of plants as if they were their own children. Succulents are plants that need very little care or water. Pretty in appearance and poised to survive in a small space, gifting your guests mini succulents in glass jars is a niche idea none of your friends will have done before. All you need to do is ensure you put enough compost and perhaps some pebbles at the bottom of the wedding favour jar to soak up the soil and you have a show-stopping ‘thank you’ gift at the ready.

Lavender Seeds

Along a similar theme, lavender seeds are a unique gift for your wedding guests to take home. Known for smelling nice and aiding in giving a good night’s sleep, lavender is popular with all ages and on-brand with the popularity of all things wholesome in our modern climate.

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