Easter Half Term Craft Ideas

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If you need some ideas for what to do with your glass jars during the Spring half term holiday, you have come to the right place. The benefits of pulling children away from their beloved screens for a portion of time everyday have been well documented and so too have the benefits of creating childhood memories together. When you teach your child how to trust themselves to create art and handle a glass jar object, you instil a sense of self-esteem in them that will carry them through into adulthood. Plus, it’s fun! We all want an excuse to indulge our inner child with some arty activities and glass jar crafts are it.

Make an Easter Scene Piggy Bank

As it’s Easier, why not paint a bunny and some eggs or another Easter scene onto the glass jar? Alternatively, your child will be excited to create a penny savings jar for both creative and financial reasons! The tradition of giving pocket money to a child is one children look forward to as it’s represented time and time again in the media, so why not put a smile on their face this Easter holiday. Glitter is the most child-friendly addition to any glass jar as children love glitter and the joy of getting stuck in. Many children miss the activities they enjoy at nursery and want to recreate them at home so applying glitter to their very own glass jar might seem simple but to little ones, it will create magic.

Teach Them Kitchen Skills

If you want to teach your children some cooking skills to build them up for the independence of rustling up a Bolognese in their adolescence, you can help them to decant food and drink into glass jars. Hand herbs to them for storage in a glass jar or supervise them decanting smoothies or jam into a glass round jar and let them label them. They’ll feel useful and gain a sense of reward simultaneously.

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