What’s a Happiness Jar?

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The wellness industry has expanded in a huge way in recent years. A few decades ago, you might have seen popular self-help books like The Art of Happiness lining the bookshelves of your family home as the self-help industry boomed. But nowadays self-care is seen as less of a fad – no longer confined to the corner of a bookshop, it is now recognised as standard practice for maintaining a happy and healthy mind. Any glass jar with lid can be transformed into a kitschy yet memorable self help object that doesn’t take up hours of your time with your nose in a book (wrestling with yourself to put down the phone). 2023 has uncovered a new trend in this long line of ideas by way of the ‘happiness jar’.

The Happiness Jar

Ironically, the roots of the happiness jar derive from the popular self-help book Eat Pray Love. Gratitude is closely linked with overall happiness and reducing anxiety, so a happiness jar is a clever way of instilling more gratitude into our minds. The idea is simple: everyday, you write down one good thing that happened to you or simply something you are grateful for – there are no rules with how grandiose your sentiment is so you can choose to go general with ‘chocolate’ or get more specific with penning a note of a cherished compliment given to you by your friend. The real test of the compliment jar is whether you can keep it up everyday (or near enough) because if you do, you will have an amazing time reflecting on your cumulative reasons to be grateful by the end of the year! Naturally, a storage and preserving jar or large round jar is a great idea of container for this task as there are 365 days in a year and a lot of memories to list! Our selection has a vast range of colours via lids, from silver to red gingham and beyond, so you can double it up as an aesthetically pleasing ornament.

Science Backed

Think the happiness jar sounds like pseudo-science? It may fly in the face of the British love of complaining but a happiness jar is actually recommended by some therapists! It is akin to keeping a gratitude journal, although it is a lot less effort, more fun and keeps the gratitude fresh in your mind! Our glass jars give you the added benefit of being reusable – so if you give up halfway through the year or decide it’s not for you, you can simply wash out your glass with hot soapy water and decant some summer jam into it! Novelty keeps our brains neuroplastic and helps to add joy into our lives as we age. A happiness jar is more than a gimmick and our online shop can help you to get the right aesthetic!

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