Instant Design Hack: A Glass Jar

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Particularly useful if you like a rustic or minimalist theme in your kitchen: sorting your dried foods, spices, herbs and other kitchen bits into meticulously arranged glass jars might be the design hack you never knew you needed. When practicality meets presentation, a glass jar appears. All the glass jars we stock are food grade and you can choose the colour of the vinegar proof lid out of a wide array of options. That means whether you stick to round jam jars or opt for some square shaped containers, you can keep the colour scheme uniform with the same shade lid. Wholesale purchases make this even easier for you, plus we throw in a price reduction bonus in there too!

Uniform Appearance, Enhanced Taste

It isn’t just appearances that dictate a preference for using a glass jar. Unlike plastic, a glass jar will keep your food or liquid tasting fresher for longer and extend it’s shelf life simultaneously. You will already notice how much better drinks taste from glass and this is why! Stylistically, we recommended sticking to the same number of glass jars in one space. For instance, a bottom row of 5 jars should be matched with the same number on the top row if the style of the jar is the same. It’s a subtle change you can make to your home that visitors instantly notice!

From the Kitchen to the Bathroom

While decanting food and drink items into a glass jar or bottle might only take a few moments to do, it gives the appearance of being on top of organisation. Often, it is the smallest actions that make the biggest difference in our daily lives and when it comes to your home, this is no different! Cosmetics jars are also a great storage option for all your bathroom bits and bobs as they create the same effect. Perhaps the best part about the ‘glass jar design secret’ is that glass jars are completely reusable! Once you have emptied a jar of coriander leaves, you can repurpose it to store your favourite moisturiser after the simple act of sterilising it in hot, soapy water.

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