2023 Trend: Glass Jars & Bottles

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The industrial revolution made glass widely available and ever since, it has been used for a multitude of storage purposes. In fact, it was only in 1970 that plastic overtook glass as the preferred bottle container, with PET plastic arriving a few years later. Kitchens all over the UK were filled with sugar and other bits contained in glass jars. Now several studies have shown how harmful plastic is for both the environment and our personal health, the tide is turning back to glass bottles and jars as the best way to store food, drink, and other items.

Plastic Particles

An infamous 2022 study conducted by scientists showed microplastics existing in the lungs of living people for the first time in recorded history. Particle pollution has been linked to damaging lung tissues and this can lead to cancer, asthma attacks, and other health problems. By switching to using glass jars and bottles wherever you can – such as decanting milk into classic milk bottles or drinking cocktails from Instagram-worthy glass jars, you make both an eco-friendly and healthy choice.

Leading the Way

If you are a retailer, you will be forecasting the trend of rejecting plastic ahead of time by switching your wholesale order of plastic bottles to glass bottles and jars. Younger generations are increasingly conscious of making environmental choices in their consumer habits and this will only continue. From drinks bottles to storage and preserving jars, our online shop stocks a wide range of products that will be perfect for your purpose.


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