Budget Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

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If you are looking to save a little this Christmas (and in the current climate, who isn’t?), we have some think when it comes to gifting on a budget, glass jars are a fabulous idea. Unlike other material, glass has a certain chic appeal and a great capacity for personalisation to the tastes of the recipient. Given how ornamental glass bottles and jars are, taste can pertain to a literal implication of the flavour of jams and chutneys, or it can translate into aesthetics. The glass jars and glass bottles we stock on our online shop are so high quality that your friends and family will be glad to have received a gift in such an aesthetically pleasing container.

Find Some Inspiration

See below for a list of the cost-effective yet impactful gift ideas you can fashion from simply using budget glass jars and bottles:

  • A terrarium
  • Household ornaments – fill a glass bottle with pebbles, crystals or even coloured sand! Make a batch to give all your friends or pop one in each family members stocking
  • Homemade chutney or jams
  • A snow globe (we have another blog dedicated to this idea on our website!)
  • A ‘gift jar’ filled with sentimental objects, tiny snacks and other treats for your intended recipient in a jar they can re-use or house proudly!
  • A sweet jar
  • Fairy lights in a jar


The list is really endless! An added bonus of gifting a creative glass jar or bottle gift is that the material is environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable once its original purpose has been fulfilled! Browse our website to find the right glass container for you.


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