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Milk bottles are soaring off the shelves at the moment, with more people than ever looking to use these glass bottles as opposed to plastic alternatives. It’s no secret that reusable milk bottles are kinder to the environment, whether you use them to get refillable milk from a dairy or use them store excess produce. There are so many uses beyond this though, and everyone can benefit from owning a milk bottle!

Make Juices

Nothing says lazy Sunday brunch like a jug of fresh juice and whether you’re an apple or orange fan, it couldn’t be simpler to make your own. With the aid of a juicer, any sort of juice can be made in bulk and stored in our milk bottles for use at a later date. If you’re holding a brunch, then our 1-litre size is perfect for serving larger groups and makes a fantastic rustic addition to the table setting, or if you’re making enough juice for you to use in the week, our 250ml sizes are great for portioning out, so you can just grab one and go! Why not make a different juice for every day of the week and freeze any excess in another sized bottle, prepping you for weeks to come!

Infuse Some Booze

Whether you’re a flavoured gin connoisseur or a spiced rum savourer, our milk bottles are great for infusing your favourite tipples. Simply add your booze of choice, flavourings and sugar to the bottle, seal and leave for a minimum of six weeks. Some of our favourite seasonal fruits and veggies make delicious additions to white spirits including strawberries, rhubarb and even rocket and our clear milk bottles look chic and rustic, so you won’t mind leaving them on display around your home, filled with colourful harvested goodies!

Make Your Own Milk

While our milk bottles are great for refilling with locally sourced milk, you could even try and make your own dairy alternatives. Oat milk, nut milk and even hemp milk are simple to create at home and will last significantly longer when stored in the fridge in a glass bottle. Go double green by reducing your dairy intake and your plastic use!

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