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We’ve all turned our hands to new things over the lockdown period, whether it’s rediscovering a long lost art or trying something completely new. If you’re running out of ideas and want some inspiration for ways to pass your time and be productive, then you are in the right place! We’ve put together a guide on how you can get creative, with just a few jam jars.

Build a Bar

One of the most common lockdown trends we’ve seen across social media is people making their own bars in their home, in place of the usual Friday night visits to the pub. Whether it’s a new shelf for liquor or a full garden hang out, home-style bars can easily replicate the décor and styles of our more traditional haunts. Jam jar candles set the mood for a piano style jazz bar, cocktails in jam jars give off the quirky club vibe or you could go the whole hog and make some hanging jam jar light fittings for the avant-garde lounge feel.

Get In The Garden

If you’re the green-fingered type, then jam jars have a number of uses that can help your hobby to flourish. Getting seeds to germinate outdoors with the unpredictable British weather can be a challenge without a greenhouse, but you can make a miniature one with the help of jam jars! Pop those seeds into their growing spot and then place a clean, clear jam jar over the top to create a baby-sized greenhouse for your new fruits and veggies to start their life in. Once they are sprouted, you’ll want to keep the pesky slugs and snails away, so simply turn over the jar and fill with beer for a quick slug pub.

Kitchen Creations

Empty jam jars are great for repurposing in the kitchen and can be used for more than just jams, preserves and chutneys. Bake individual puddings for a quirky and delicious treat at your next dinner party, make overnight oats for a healthy breakfast on the go or even store small portions of soup and salad for an eco-friendly container.

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