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Most people don’t stop to consider just how useful glass jars with lids can be and many of us associate them with preserves, pickles and jams, but their uses stretch far beyond these delicacies! Employed by many for their ease of cleaning, reusability and freshness, the humble glass jars can come in handy in almost every room in the house!

Keep Veg Fresher

With airtight seals, glass jars with lids are ideal for keeping food and produce fresher for longer. One of the latest trends people are trying is cutting up their vegetables, submerging them in water in a jar and then screwing the lid on. This unique way of storing vegetables is said to preserve their shelf life and keep them crisper and fresher than just storing in the fridge, or in an empty container. This is a perfect solution for those who find themselves throwing out lots of vegetables every time they stock up the fridge, and with jars in a range of sizes, its ideal from everything from carrots and squash to baby onions and peas!

Shake it Up

Glass jars with lids are ideal for making food and drinks that require shaking, whether it’s salad dressings, cocktails, or even beaten eggs. Perfect for single portions, those in a hurry in the morning can use a traditional 8oz jar to store their breakfast smoothie, pre-made omelette mix or even overnight oats. But don’t worry, the night owls can benefit from them too, add premeasured cocktails, sauces and salads to them for dinner (and drinks) on the go!

Stick to a Plan

We’ve all been there….you’re trying to drop a few pounds and the lure of the chocolate at the back of the cupboard is compelling us to break our diet. Using glass jars with lids to portion out meals and snacks that are quick and easy to grab when temptations strikes, makes us far more likely to stay on track with our healthy eating and less likely to give in to temptation!

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