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August is another ripe month for home growers and seasonal cooks, with lots of great British staples making their way off trees, out of the ground and into kitchens. Whether you’ve got a glut to use up, want to try something a little bit different with this harvest or just enjoy the intense flavours of seasonal produce, we’ve got some delicious recipes for the month ahead.

Preserved Peas

Technically a fruit, peas come into fruition this season and with large plants with plenty of pods, it’s easy to end up snowed under! A staple with Friday night fish and chips, midweek meals and even Sunday dinners, these little green peas are a hit with adults and children alike, so make sure they don’t go to waste by preserving them. Simply blanch them in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, place into a jar and fill 2cm from the top with boiling salt water. Depending on your crop amounts, we have a range of glass jars to buy online to suit!

Cherries and Kirsch

One of the most anticipated treats at Christmas time is cherries in kirsch and whether you pop them in champagne or eat them straight from the jar, these boozy sweet treats always go down well. Making your own kirsch couldn’t be simpler and with them ripening on the trees now, you’ve got 4 months to let your cherries absorb all of the delectable flavour before Xmas. Simply destone your cherries and smash up the stones, before placing them in a jar filled with vodka. Leave to marinate for as long as you can resist, before popping in some whole cherries. See our range of glass jars to buy online and make lots of small samples or one huge batch with our small and large versions.

All of our glass jars to buy online are available in wholesale or retail quantities as well as smaller pack sizes for home use. 

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