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Now that the lockdown restrictions are easing and we’re allowed to gather in small groups in gardens or public parks, many people are looking forward to hosting a socially distances soiree of their own. If you are planning on putting on a spread for your guests, one of the key concerns is minimising contact and reducing the number of people who touch any inanimate objects. While it may seem like a bit of a logistical nightmare, we have some tips to help your garden party run smoothly and safely.

Drink Reception

Using our mini milk bottles, you can prepare a table at the entrance to your garden where guests can pick up a designated vestibule for their evening’s drinks. Mini milk bottles are a great option as they add a bit of twist to welcome drinks and can be easily labelled with names, helping to minimise any unnecessary touching by other guests. By designating one per guest, this also minimises the chance of cross-contamination of utensil usage and you can also set up a small sanitising station on the same table, further assuring you that any germs being carried in are eradicated at the first instance.

Portion Out

If you’re having a BBQ and want to provide condiments, rather than putting whole bottles in a communal space, it is recommended to provide each guest with a portion. Miniature jars are a good idea for ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing and even dessert sauces and come in a range of sizes depending on what it is you want to serve in them. This directly reduces the number of people touching one communal container and the chances of germ passing.

Go Glass

While many may feel that using disposable cutlery is the safest option, this amounts to a huge cost and a huge amount of waste. Plus, items such as paper plates and cups are not easily sanitised and can hold onto the flavours of any cleaning products you do use. Glass jars and bottles however can be cleaned easily and effectively and can withstand the high heat of a dishwasher, killing any remaining germs. 

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