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Getting ready for Easter? Whether you’ve got gifts for children to organise or just want to celebrate the turn of Spring, Easter treats are fun to make, delicious to indulge and can be as simple or as complex, as you like. We’ve put together some of our favourite Easter crafts that will help you get into the spirit of Easter and keep adults and kids alike entertained!


While traditionally the most common craft at this time of year is egg blowing and painting, this can be a fiddly and rather messy affair that results in more than a few broken eggs. Instead, you can craft longer lasting and less wasteful decorations for the house using glass jars. Paint them in springtime pastels and place a candle inside to create a beautiful Easter decoration that can be used year after year. Alternatively, why not make an easter snow globe?! Not just reserved for Christmas, you can create a scene filled with easter eggs, bunnies and chicks and pop them in a jar with some water and glitter, for a twist that the children will get hours of joy from.

Easter Hunt

Everyone can get involved in an Easter egg hunt but purchasing lots of easter eggs can be a costly endeavour. Instead, buy a bulk number of sweets and fill up some miniature glass jars with them, hiding them around your house or garden. You can decorate them, leave them plain and leave them overnight and they won’t become damaged if the British weather brings on some of its famous April showers.

Chocolate Influence

Easter is all about the chocolate, but that doesn’t mean that adults have to miss out on the fun. If you’re looking for an Easter gift for someone above the drinking age, infusing easter treats into a clear spirit is simple and delicious. Simply add some cocoa beans, sugar and flavourings such as orange or mint to a glass jar or bottle and leave to infuse with gin or vodka.

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