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Year after year, many of us devote our time to ‘Spring cleaning’ our houses only to end up having to do it again the following year. Whether you love or loath organising, having to do it so often can be frustrating and time consuming, but if you develop a system that works and changes as your home does, then it won’t need to be done as often and will work in tandem with your schedule. We’ve got some tips of getting every area of your home neat and tidy!

Clear the Clutter
One of the most irritating types of mess is clutter that is visible around the house and whether this is stuff the kids dump on the kitchen side or things accumulating on windowsills, it can make an otherwise spotless home seem untidy. The reason that clutter accumulates is because these miscellaneous items often don’t have a set place in the home and so you should create one! Use a large glass hinged jar to store these random things in an attractive manner and keep all the clutter in one place rather than spread out across the house.

Hinged jars can also be used for everyday items such as toiletries, spices, dried goods and oils which may take up counter space in your kitchen or bathroom. Simply give them all their own designated jar and use a label to denote what is inside. If you want to take the aesthetics up a notch, by all matching jars and get some labels printed so that they are easy to read and look neat and tidy wherever they are displayed. The beauty of storing things in this manner is that you can change the jar or the label to suit your décor whenever you decide to redecorate or reorganise!

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