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Lockdown has left us all twiddling our thumbs and finding innovative new ways to keep ourselves occupied from new crafts to working through the to do list. If you’re looking to get organised, rejig the clutter and just have a general tidy up, then glass jars are your new best friend! We’ve got some tips and tricks for using glass jars to organise your home.


If your spice cupboard is in disarray with open bags of this and that and hard to read containers that leave you searching high and low for what you need, then using glass jars can help you to rectify this. Simply decant spices into them and label appropriately. If your spices are kept in a traditional cupboard, then label the lids for easy identification, or if they are in a rack, label the front of the jar.


Buying in bulk can often save money and reduce the amount of packaging used, particularly where laundry detergent is concerned. If you find pouring fabric softener from a heavy and clunky tub difficult, then glass bottles that you refill over time can make laundry that little bit more bearable! Glass jars are also great for soap nuts, powder and tabs, depending on your preference.

Sewing Kit

Whether you’re an upholstery nut or just have a sewing kit for emergency repairs, we’ve all had to deal with tangled thread before now. Get rid of de-tangling frustration by storing those loose spools in a glass jar which prevents movement and will make the sewing kit tidier.

Junk Draw

Admit it – we all have one. That draw where things go to gather dust that we reach into once in a blue moon. It needn’t be difficult to find what you’re looking for though, like with your spices, try to categorise it and store bits and bobs in glass jars for a simple tidying solution.

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