Jam Jars & Chutney Jars

We have an such an extensive range of glass jam jars that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect option for all your jam making needs. From our best-selling round jam jars with their instantly recognisable appeal to the striking hexagonal jam jars and square jam jars: the ideal condiment containers. Furthermore, you can choose the colour and pattern of the vinegar proof lids that are packaged with all our square, hexagonal and round jam jars.

We really do stock the best in British glass jar manufacturing and each design tells a different story. Everyone can find a well-priced jam jar that’s perfect for their requirements and Glass Jars and Bottles!

Our Range of Jam Jars

The comprehensive collection of jam jars we have here at Glass Jars and Bottles can cater to all your preserving needs. Covering a variety of sizes, from dainty individual portions to generous family sized options, you'll find the ideal jam jar for your homemade treats. Our jam jars are versatile enough to accommodate an array of uses, from storing homemade pickles and chutneys to organising your kitchen essentials. Whether you're filling them with homemade jams, making DIY gifts, or organising your pantry, you can trust our jam jars to keep your creations fresh, safe, and delicious.

Jam Jars

Capture the essence of fruits in our jam jars. With a range of sizes and lids, these jars are perfect for creating and storing your favourite homemade jams and preserves.

Decorative Jam Jars

Our jam jars are not just containers. With a variety of designs and sizes, they add a touch of elegance to any room. Whether you use them for storage or simply as décor, these jam jars are sure to transform your space.

Hexagonal Jam Jars

Hexagonal jam jars are a blend of beauty and functionality. Their unique shape allows for efficient storage while adding a charming twist to your kitchen. Perfect for jams, honey, or gifting homemade goodies.

Mini Round Jam Jars

For those precious mini creations, our mini round jam jars are ideal. From mini desserts to spices, these jars are perfect for small portions. Their compact size also makes them great for party favours or crafting.

Red Spotty Lid Jam Jars

Add a playful touch to your kitchen with our red spotty lid jam jars. These jam jars not only keep your contents fresh but also brighten up your shelves.

Round Jam Jars

Round jam jars are the essence of classic elegance. Their timeless design complements any kitchen décor. Use them for storing anything from pasta to sweets and enjoy their versatility.

Square Jam Jars

For a modern and sleek look, our square jam jars are a perfect choice. They maximise storage space in your pantry and give your kitchen a contemporary edge. Ideal for grains, spices, and more.

If you’re unsure which jam jars are best for your needs, or want to know more about any of the jam jars in our collection, get in touch with a member of our team on 01134871092 or email info@glassjarsandbottles.com.