Honey Jars

If you are looking for glass jars perfect for storing your freshly made honey, we stock a plentiful collection of round glass honey jars in a range of sizes. Whether you need size 1/2lb or 1lb, our honey jars come complete with both screw or twist-off lids so you can use your glass jar strictly for honey preserving purposes or for other foods. Different colours are available for you to choose the aesthetic of your glass jars and we have various quantity pack sizes to choose from. Enquire with our team if you want to bulk buy glass jars for preserving honey.

Our Selection of Honey Jars

Discover a diverse collection of honey jars at Glass Jars and Bottles, carefully crafted to cater to all your honey preserving and storing needs. From decorative jars to functional lids, caps, and pourers. Whether you prefer petite sizes for smaller servings, secure lids for efficient pouring, or classic round jars for timeless elegance, trust our honey jars to uphold the rich flavour of your honey.

Decorative Honey Jars

Improve the presentation of your honey with our decorative honey jars. Enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen or dining space by using these jars as both honey storage containers and stylish décor pieces.

Lids, Caps & Pourers

Explore our selection of lids, caps, and pourers designed to complement your honey jars perfectly. Whether you need airtight seals for long-lasting freshness or convenient pourers for mess-free serving, our range ensures that your honey is stored and dispensed with ease.

Round Honey Jars

Demonstrating classic elegance, our round honey jars boast a timeless design that complements any kitchen or dining setting. Perfect for storing and showcasing the rich texture and colour of honey, these jars add a touch of sophistication to your honey collection. Utilise them for storing different honey varieties or as elegant tableware for your breakfast spread.

If you have any queries, require specific lids, caps, or pourers, or want more information about any of the jars in our collection, contact a member of our team on 01134871092 or info@glassjarsandbottles.com.