Why Choose Our Beer Bottles for Home Brewing

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If you enjoy the creativity and cost-effectiveness of home brewing your own beer, we have the perfect beer bottle for you. Our beer bottles are amber with a gold crown lid for a traditional touch that provides you with a place to pour your liquid creation and a container to use should you want to show off your skills to any of your family or friends.

The Correct Container

Whether you prefer ale or beer, you need to have the right container ready to store your drink. The container you drink from impacts the taste of the beer anyway, but the importance of this factor is amplified when you are testing your own homemade creation. Glass is preferable to plastic as a cold sip of beer is the perfect way to taste your beer or ale, and our amber beer bottles provide you with that opportunity.


Should you want to gift some beer to a friend or family member for their birthday or Christmas, an amber beer bottle will accentuate the taste before the gold crown cap has even been removed. Sleek in appearance and available in sizes 330ml and 500ml, you will be able to portion out your beer as appropriate and have room for your beer bottles in your fridge.

Clean, Crafty & Recyclable

By investing in a new beer bottle, you can ensure the bottles are fresh and clean. Prospectively, a beer bottle can be re-used up to 15 times so once you have emptied a bottle, you can wash it out and fill it up again! Our beer bottles also provide you with the perfect canvas for customisation if you want to attach labels or paint designs onto your beer bottles. Plus, like our jam jars, sweet jars and storage jars, you can get creative with their usage once the last drop of homemade brew has been had.

If you would like to purchase a beer bottle or any of our other glass jars or bottles, get in touch with a member of our team today. If you would like to enquire about a bulk buying option, you can do this simultaneously.

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