Crafty Halloween Decorations

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Halloween is beloved by children and adults alike for being a night of fun and mischief that allows us to indulge ourselves on sweets and the joy of dressing up in costume. Once you’ve got creative with your costume, you might be in the mood to continue the creativity streak with some homemade decorations too. We have some interesting ideas for adorning your glass jars with the spooky spirit of Halloween for you to try!


If you are looking for some decorations that are impossibly simple, yet very effective, hand-crafted jack-o-Lanterns are for you. The size of your glass jars is almost immaterial as the size of your lanterns comes down to personal preference: all you need to do is colour in your chosen container a bright shade of orange, paint on a pumpkin face and attach some fairly lights along with a makeshift handle for an on-brand light on Halloween night. Hint: round jars and jam jars work particularly well as a basis for this creation.

Spooky Straw Holders

If you’re hosting a Halloween party and have friends with children attending, the fun you can have with decoration-making is endless. If you have paper drinking straws for your guests, you can easily customise your glass jars with the spooky theme by painting ghosts, witches, haunted houses etc. on the jars you have to store them in. Not only is it fun for you to do with friends, family or by yourself, but the separation of straws is covid-friendly and a decorated house is an integral part of Halloween participation.

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