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If you’re thinking of setting up a business in 2021 or switching suppliers for your kitchenware provider, then our glass jars wholesaler can help. We have stocks suitable for a variety of applications from food and beverage products on a large scale to a small-time crafts specialist. All of our glass products are eco-friendly and can withstand high sterilising temperatures for repeat use, can be recycled and are available with a variety of lid and cap options.


Our glass jars wholesalers have a variety of aromatherapy and chemical containers suitable for small and large businesses to use. With the classic brown glass available, customers can contain creams, serums, powders and oils in these vestibules, and they will keep them fresh and stable for long periods of time. We can also offer clear alternatives for people seeking a different aesthetic from their products. Previously we have supplied these goods to the cosmetic, aromatherapy, medical and holistic industries.


With a selection or preserving, storage and jam jars our glass jar wholesalers is a firm favourite amongst food production clients with customers ranging from jam makers, sauce producers and small market stallholders. Glass jars are suitable for containing a wide variety of food goods and are even more popular at present as companies seek to use more environmentally friendly packaging alternatives to plastic.


Another industry that can use glass jars is the craft industry, whether you make candles, ornamental features or painted decorations our glass jars wholesaler can provide a range of different shapes and sizes for all creative pursuits. We have a dedicated wedding favours section and another for miniatures so are well suited to a range of crafts.

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